Another Webmail service:

I like the fact that there are so many implementations of email, as companies like Google, Microsoft and Facebook all trying to rethink email and how we communicate. Emailing has always been important, and it’s interesting how these companies try to make it easier and more intuitive for us. from Microsoft is yet another implementation of the staple of our internet activities. It’s a clear move away from the negatively-perceived Hotmail brand which, like Yahoo Mail, seems to have lost its sheen of innocence simply by being around for too long. takes Gmail’s threaded conversation view, mixed it with the new Metro look to come up with a visually different mail client. Like a squarish and less busy Gmail interface. Let’s see how long this lasts, but do look like a better bet than Yahoo’s Ymail rebranding effort. So go ahead and get yourself some prime email real estate before the crowds come in.

I must say, however, that the one company that really changed the game for email is Google with Gmail. From the non-prank launch date of 1GB storage space for email when everyone else is offering  a supremely miserly 4MB, to really the game-changing layout of a threaded-conversation view for email, Gmail is in my opinion still the front runner in terms of clear innovation.