After about a year of inactivity, I’ve finally managed to get something going here.

Rambleville has now been moved from Movable Type to WordPress, and changed web hosts too.  This is after a year of being locked out of my Movable Type install for Rambleville, which made it impossible for me to do anything with the blog.  I still don’t know what happened that made it impossible to access, and I don’t rule out the fact that it may have been compromised by script kiddies.

Nevertheless, the posts are intact, and I knuckled down for a couple of hours yesterday to put in the latest version of MT4, regained access to the database, upgraded it to MT5, and then promptly moved it over to WordPress.

And here we are.

So I’ll try to explain a little about my adventures in Movable Type, and how after approximately 15 mins I abandoned the idea of actually leaving Rambleville running in MT5.  Later. If you’re lucky it may even be soon.