Ok, I have these wildly fluctuating bursts of pure manic energy to do crazy projects at highly inopportune times (like in the middle of a highly delayed work project, or when I’m behind in post-prod work for podcasts).

So I’ve always wanted to do an aggregated feed site for Malaysian book or literature blogs.  This stemmed from an exchange I had with Sharon Bakar over Facebook a couple of years ago, where she rather offhandedly mentioned this, and the prospect of starting such a site stuck with me since.  I was aware of other such aggregators at the time, but had never thought of starting one. 

So I tried to start it, thinking it couldn’t be *that* difficult.  After research, however, while it wasn’t *that* difficult, it was no walk in the park either.  I tried fiddling with tools: lilina, lylina, WordPress with the SimplePie Plugin, but after sinking in hours of research, I came to a conclusion – to have it work as I have envisioned it, I need to learn up PHP and do it using SimplePie.  However, this requires time, and time isn’t something I have in abundance right now.

The recent move to Dreamhost actually kick-started this for me (another burst of energy) and I relooked at this again.  I came back to the same conclusion I reached before pretty quickly, but I see that lilina has actually improved from the last time I saw it, and it may not be too bad an idea to quickly start up MyBookFeeds and see where it goes from there.

So, MyBookFeeds is currently running in alpha, so if you want to see it go to http://www.mybookfeeds.com/.