I find it utterly unacceptable that none of our 2 major online news channels updated Lee Chong Wei’s win in the Malaysian Open 2008.  We’re talking about a local boy who happens to be World No 1, playing in one of the top international Open tournaments in the world of Badminton, which also happens to be in our freaking backyard!

I understand that TheStar and NST doesn’t have a 24/7 news-cycle, but it’s it about time we did?

The only one that I’m aware of that had this news was Bernama.

When I did a Google search, Bernama wasn’t on the top 10 list.  I had to find out from Channel News Asia, the 24-hour news network from our most beloved of neighbours, Singapore, who had their representatives sent home a long time ago, probably by our players too (I’m out of the country, which is why I had to rely on the net for news).

Google regularly places TheStar as one of the go-to places for badminton news.  I don’t know why, but it regularly appears in Google News.  I would hazard and say that thestar,com.my is far and away the top Malaysian news portal in the world for all things Malaysian.  Why doesn’t it have a 24-hour news cycle, at least for Malaysian-related news?

A search will yield BadmintonCentral forums, rather than a news site.  I don’t have a problem with BadmintonCentral, but I want news immediately, rather than to wade through posts to find what I want.  There’s a time for news articles, and there’s a time for feedback on news.  This is not the time for the latter where I was concerned.

Isn’t it about time that our newspapers start being a little more, how shall I put it, 21st century?  At the very least when our athletes are concerned or for high-profile tournaments held in Malaysia, or (in this case) both, it may project a better image of our ability to provide *our* news at a timely basis if we did something about it.