I’ve watched badminton for many years.  I love the sport and like a lot of diehard badminton freaks, lament the lack of exposure and general excitement from the public at large for this seriously entertaining game.  I love to watch other racquet games too, but if you ask me, for the excitement factor, nothing beats badminton.

Of course over the years I developed fondness for more than a few players for a variety of reasons.  Here’s my attempt at recording these feelings down.  This, then, is a list of my favourite badminton players of all time.

Admittedly the ‘All-Time’ tag is a little bit pretentious.  Who’s to say my list wouldn’t change next month?  Or even next week?  Well, I’ll cross the bridge when I come to it.  Consider this as the All-Time list… so far.

A couple of caveats.  I’m 31, so I’m not what you’d say an old hand.  I’ve never really watched Liem Swie King, Rudy Hartono, Eddy Chong.  I can’t even say I remember watching Han Jian or even Misbun Sidek play.  Some may say these evergreens are the true legends, and I agree – anyone who has played the game so many years ago and are still held in high esteem must have done something to achieve this type of immortality.

However, since I cannot include people I can’t remember watching into a list of my favourites, they are not represented here.  I would also argue that the game has evolved since the heydays of the game, when shuttle taps at the net and frenzied drive exchanges are not so common.  The game as it stands now is much more physical, quick and exciting, and as good as they are, I doubt the giants of yesteryear can play with the giants of today.

Please note that this list is completely subjective, irrational and emotional, and is not backed by any scientific or empirical evidence.

This will be a multi-part posting, as I think the whole thing would be too long for a single post.

With that out of the way, let’s begin.


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