Looking for WordPress Themes can bore you stiff

There is no choice, as I haven’t got the chops to design one of my own.  But I don’t understand why it would be so difficult to find a minimalistic theme that doesn’t have a white background?

Yet again embarking on a personal project on a whim.  I’m not spending 10 hours on this thing.  It’s either up by then, or not. 


  1. Not only that, finding for template other haven’t use or using also is one of the consideration.
    I am still searching for a good template, darker color if possible without any problem. Previously I had one black nice background but IE is having problem with it!

  2. Hey Lisa… I think if you’re going to look for a theme, there will be a risk of someone already using it, no matter how oddball or unique the theme seems. I have a little bit of an advantage, because I can read code, even though I’m no expert on PHP, so my problem can be that I accidentally spend 10 hours just tweaking the bloody template to my exact needs. This of course, can be a waste of time, since it’s not like I’m a famous blogger or anything like that. 🙂
    I’ve not tried it, but have you thought about asking a WordPress theme designer to do something customized for you? Doesn’t even have to be a local talent. I think their rates are quite reasonable.
    I tried to do something like this for a Drupal theme. Nobody knew what it was, much less design a theme for it.

  3. Hi Donny
    I have tried Drupal but found it too complicated, at least for me.
    WordPress is good. You can find a theme and configure it to your needs, e.g., changing the banner picture, font type, even the type of info you want on the sidebar. You can configure it to the point where it is hardly recognisable from the original.

  4. Hey Chet… agree with you on Drupal. Having tried Drupal, Movable Type (this blog!), WordPress (my other projects!) and even hand-freaking-coding (the old otakpim.com), I must say WordPress beats everyone pretty much hands-down.

  5. What I like about WordPress is that it has moved from being a mere blogging tool to an almost full-blown CMS that can be used for non-blogging purposes.

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