You know, the tiny PCs that are smaller than subnotebooks, but larger than the HTC Shift? You know, like the Eee PC.
I think I may have the perfect application – to take notes when you watch Discovery Channel, The History Channel, Discovery Travel and Living and National Geographic Channel. They throw so many facts at you, and while you’re sitting there being awed by the steady stream of revelations, you struggle to decide whether to store this tidbit of information into what’s left of the limited storage space called memory. And as the debate rages on in your brain, more info gets lobbed at you.
“Shit, I didn’t know the Chinese started using crossbows approximately 3000 years before it was invented in the west! Oh, and all 300,000 of the ancient arrowheads found in the tombs are exactly the same? That’s mass production, and it’s 2000 years ahead of it’s time! Ah, and they have the properties of a modern bullet? Oh my, amazing. Let me try to remember thi… what? They are applying modern military formations since the Ching dynasty? Oh wow. Which place… oh, and the concubines are doomed to die in the forbidden city?”
What you can do is to have this little beauty handy, and type away into little documents, which can be readily retrievable when needed.