I’ve read Joel on Software for a long while now, and while I’ve never read *everything* he has done, I’ve read enough to be quite a fan of his writing, and clear explanations and lucid, pragmatic views. A resource every software developer should read.
But his latest is simply outstanding. In Martian Headsets, he explains about web standards in a way that’s understandable, exact, balanced, and above all, entertaining. Lays out the reason why IE8, the next version of the predominant web browser in the world, is in a unique position to change the world (and I’m only slightly exaggerating), what issues confront the browser development team and why no matter what it does, it may not be able to correct the flaws compounded upon in years and years of web development.
At the heart, it discusses the decision that every developers will face at one point or another in their career: to do the right thing, or to make it work.
It’s fascinating reading, and may be the single best piece of technical exposition I have ever read on any subject in IT, much less web standards. Even if you’re not technically inclined, I’d recommend a read: you’ll learn about web standard, if nothing else.