We need a nicely produced, daily updated website that focuses primarily on badminton content. Something that has BBC Sports (or whatever online sports daily you prefer)-like quality that immediately exudes an air of quality, timeliness, accuracy and opinions that you can rely on and trust.
It’s so difficult to get a nice roundup of badminton tournament updates. We can get live scores, tournament match-up and draws, results, but they are lifeless stats. There is a very vibrant forum community in Badminton Central, but while it is informative and (generally) friendly, it’s not the proper place to get results, and match analysis. It’s also prone to partisan support from member majority (typically vocal Malaysians, I understand).
There are no other dedicated websites of note. Badzine.info is updated, but doesn’t have a lot of news content. I suspect the Chinese daily has a lot of info, but those of us who don’t read Chinese is screwed. Google Translate makes the badminton stories featured in the dailies make me laugh so hard!
So, we don’t have BBC Sports-like coverage of badminton. Anyone want to band together to create a badminton web-zine/blog style content that aims to consolidate all this information in a single, easy-to-use site, with a focus on a country-neutral, English language content for the world’s consumption? A group of opinionated, and passionate fans with a strong command of English, preferably experienced players at national/international levels, ought to do it as we start out.