By no means breaking news, but Google’s foray into the mobile platform is as exciting as opening a pack of potato chips and finding out there are more than 6 chips inside (okay, more exciting than that).
Android has the backing of a gigantic brand name that has the potential of bringing solidarity to the industry that even Windows Mobile, Symbian and Blackberry couldn’t achieve. Add to that that the carrot that Google has devised – a 10 million bucks developer challenge to develop exciting new applications for Android.
This is level opportunity for anyone with brilliant ideas to step forward and stake a claim in the mobile arena. That’s what I really love about the Internet, those who can see the opportunities can seize them and make of them what they will, regardless of where in the world they might be.
So, an opportunity to develop for Android, and to win large doughs of cash. I have ideas, but do not have the primary resource for the endeavor, the most precious commodity of them all: time. I’m eager to learn up the platform, and I think it’s an extremely interesting opportunity. This is akin to the new beginnings of the Web, where people can build the anything remotely useful (and doesn’t suck), and pretty much gain a huge chunk of the market share simply by virtue of being the first.
Microsoft has an exciting development environment and platform in Windows Mobile. But Microsoft doesn’t have the same sort of clout (for the lack of a better word) to generate the same excitement that Google can. The notion that Google can do no wrong and their tendency to open up previously closed platforms makes Android look like a double-layered chocolate moist cake with caramel top – extremely tempting.
Personally, even evaluating the platform against other mobile platforms would be educational – sometimes even ten millions dollars cannot guarantee mass migration of developers from established players.
So I’m excited, and although my chances of winning the $10M is as remote as Michael Jackson turning black again, I think the journey would be interesting. Do you think a calculator with coloured keys be a $10M-winning candidate?