I wanted to write about the little episode concerning Ursula Le Guin’s little outburst on the internet over her little piece in Ansible. Unfortunately, a little jaunt to an Apple store after dinner brought my attention to a tiny little thing called iPod Touch.
If you don’t really follow the endless rollouts of consumer electronics and geeky gadgets, you may not have heard that Apple released a phone called iPhone. This little thing has been greeted by the general gadget/techy public as the best thing since someone dared to split open and tasted durians However, due to partner deals and other business shenanigans, this baby is not available outside of the US (for now).
However, Apple has seen fit to revamp its generation of iPods, and have introduced what is really the iPhone without the phone – called the iPod Touch. And this had no trouble reaching our shores.
And I got to play with it today.
Initial impression: breathtaking! I won’t show you any pictures (I didn’t take any, and I didn’t feel like pissing people off by image linking them here), but I will direct you to Apple’s home page and the pictures in Engadget here to see for yourself what I’m talking about.
Slimmer than a catwalk model who eats once a week, more stylish than Gwen Stefani ever could be, sexier than [insert whatever turns you on], it’s a lovely lovely piece of technology.
However, I’ve always stated that I will not buy iPods, and this guy does nothing to sway me (although it came pretty damn close). It’s still too expensive. We can’t use iTunes here, which takes away a lot of the functionality that it otherwise will give to iPod owners. I can get similarly spec’ed media players for a much lesser price. There are more than a couple of things that I can nitpick about this device – it’s not perfect!
However, there is nothing out there like its user interface, which is beautiful. it is more than the sum of its parts. I suppose for a fellow with loads of cash to spare, and is looking for something that will literally turn people’s heads, you cannot go wrong with the iPod Touch.