I caught about a half-hour of House a couple of days ago, and in this particular episode, the patient of the week was diagnosed with amyloidosis.
You know already where this is going, don’t you?
Normally we watch CSI or House or any of these myriad medical/pseudo-scientific dramas on TV, half the time we don’t have a clue what those cryptic terminologies being used on the shows are. “Oh, it’s a case of hyposysterdemic asphyxiation, coupled with a severe case of lymphomic soupupoludis psychosis.” “You must be kidding me! The killer used a potent mixture of dihydrogen monoxide with durian juice, topped with a sprinkling of salt?”
But this time the term used in House (Season 3 I think it is) I am familiar with. And so close to occasion of RJ’s death as well.
Again, just one of those things that are inexplicable.