Goodness, is that all there is to Facebook?

I’m very seldom at these social-networking sites. I love Web 2.0, but who really has time for sites that requires you to get friends to add you to their lists?
I have a Friendster page setup some years back, but I barely used it. I have less than 10 friends, and most of them aren’t even friends – they are family. Admittedly it was fun – for a couple of days. Then I left it to fester.
A couple of days ago I joined Facebook – a good pal of mine dropped me an invite. Having heard so many good things about it on TWiT, and reading so much news lately on it in the tech world (its rich API and supposed ‘openness’), I decided to take the plunge and add yet another login-password combo to remember.
The interface – fabulous. Then I got bitten. And dropped-kicked. And had things thrown at me. And werewolves and slayers came to get me. And there suddenly there was a room for me to decorate. There were walls and mini-feeds and notifications and pokes and stuff.
Interesting. A platform for custom applications, with an emphasis on spreading like viruses in a packed disco hall. I installed this and that, and added and found friends.
Three days now, and I realize that I’ve been doing the same thing for different people. Now hang on a minute. That’s it?
Isn’t there a way for you to say something about yourself? Some form of self-expression? Is it all just fighting and beer-drinking?
I must be missing something. I’m pretty new to these social sites, but at this point I’m still wondering about what the fuss is about.
I’m going to stick to Facebook until I figure it out. Otherwise, all these reading of notifications and requests is beginning to remind me of unread email at work, and that’s bad.


  1. You can edit your profile in Facebook and add in info mentioned in your blog entry, including where you went to school, also favourite books, movies, etc., etc.
    And you don’t have to accept everything your friends send you – there is an “ignore” button, you know?

  2. Philip Yeo

    Hi D,
    Its me P, your colleague. Here’s a tip, try downloading Flock 1.0
    Its on RC3 though and haven’t fully been released but it works just as well for me.
    With Flock 1.0, integration with social web2.0 sites like facebook, youtube, flickr, are tighter than ever. You’d be able to scroll around your friends list, view their sharable photos easily as oppose to Firefox/IE for that matter.
    Tighter integration with also makes it easier for you to bookmark your favourite sites and share them with others.

  3. direstraits

    Thanks guys for chipping in!
    Chet… about the ignore – I hadn’t known, but now I do. For a while I worried what my friends would think if I ignored their requests for me to be their cohort in the fight against the evil of werewolves/vampires/zombies. Then I found that I wasn’t getting any notices that others couldn’t care less about my invite for recruitment myself, so I learnt to ignore with impunity.
    Well, not everyone, of course. 😉
    Phil… checking Flock out now. Thanks!

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