I’m feeling a little frustrated right now. Visual Studio 2005 requires such high specs that my old 1.8Ghz Pentium 4 is having problems just clicking along between the various panes. It’s click, wait for the focus, click, click, wait for focus, etc, etc.
I don’t know why I’m complaining now – I’ve done quite a bit of work on my personal project already, but it’s frustrating because the slowness is finally getting to me.
I’m used to fast fast fast. When I code I type fast, I think fast, and when I compile, I expect instantaneous feedback.
Not sure if it is due to the .NET framework (I installed 3.0 sometime back). I intentionally upgraded my memory sometime back to, are you ready for this, 1.25GB of memory, specifically to support my development work! Wow! 1.25GB! And still VS is unsatisfied!
Oh, alright, the memory isn’t as high as I would have liked, but hey, it was 512MB before.
Hark back to the old days when I made do with GCC.
Now with Visual Studio 2008 on the horizon, with full support for the .NET 3.0 technologies, I’m convinced my machine as it stands right now is more likely to make my morning coffee than to be able to even load VS2008.
I’m sorely tempted to just sink in 2K bucks and build myself a screamer of a PC, so I can code in relatively stress-free environment. But no. I will make my next project pay for itself, and pay for the new machine that I’m most definitely going to buy.
But that 19″ LG widescreen monitor is looking very appealing right now. The luscious screen is showing a disembodied finger making a come-hither motion, beckoning me forward, beckoning me to flash my wallet, and I have a feeling I may not be able to withstand the lure for very long…