I’m really fed up with what I’m reading these days on the Worlds. We’re all fired up for this meet, and when things don’t go according to plan, all the fingers are drawn up like pistols from holsters in an old western flick. I’m pissed in particular about the roasting the media is giving Boon Heong – articles like this and this really rile me up. I think it’s blatantly unfair to single him out, and here’s why.
Mens doubles, it may surprise some to know, is a team event, and the failure or success of the team is borne by the all the members of the team.
So Boon Heong made some mistakes. So? In the quarters against the Japanese they spent a lot of effort attacking the weaker Ikeda, presumable because he makes a lot of mistakes too. But oh, wait… the Japanese won anyway, didn’t they?
Mens doubles is a *team* event, and should be treated as such. TBH-KKK failed, and they failed as a team.
The badminton team should put up a united front to the public. Not because Boon Heong ‘choked on crucial points’! Take these ‘reasons’ offline! Debate and thresh it out behind the glare of publicity. Everyone knows what happened, we bloody hell watched it. There’s no need to rub his face in – the bloke’s been through enough himself, and he doesn’t need it being plastered all over the freaking media reminding everyone and his dog that the whole country’s disappointed because of him. Which isn’t true at all.
What good do you think this sort of coverage will possible bring to Boon Heong? That he’s inferior to KKK? That he has a lot to learn? Where the hell were the media when KKK was show-ponying in the local circuit tournaments – was KKK dragged through mud in public? Again, what good would come of it? How would TBH feel now that KKK goes on record saying this defeat ‘really hurt’?
KKK-TBH is still a good pairing. All this media attention is focused on the wrong things, and will affect the morale of the team unnecessarily. Or worse, affect their budding relationship and the all important on-court chemistry. We as fans have a right to hope for the stars, but let’s taper with down with some reality checks and good old fashioned sensibility.
TBH, pick yourself up! Your country still needs you.