I came across this snippet from Sharon Bakar’s blog, which made me pause and reflect. The quote itself came from Joe Keenan from the New York Times:

Most of us are familiar with people who make a fetish out of quality: They read only good books, they see only good movies, they listen only to good music, they discuss politics only with good people, and they’re not shy about letting you know it. They think this makes them smarter and better than everybody else, but it doesn’t. It makes them mean and overly judgmental and miserly, as if taking 15 minutes to flip through “The Da Vinci Code” is a crime so monstrous, an offense in such flagrant violation of the sacred laws of intellectual time-management, that they will be cast out into the darkness by the Keepers of the Cultural Flame. In these people’s view, any time spent reading a bad book can never be recovered. They also act as if the rest of humanity is watching their time sheets.

I’m a frequent forum goer, and this certainly is a perfect-fit description of some of the people I know online.
In fact, I couldn’t have put it better myself (although that is also because I have not the prowess in prose to come up with such a description).
Except I would call it something other than ‘make a fetish out of quality.’ I don’t know what. There must be a word out there.
Not that I have anything against these people, oh no. But sometimes the gimmicky persona does get kinda grating after a while.