My latest book haul

Well, here’s another update of my most recent book haul.
Last weekend, I bought the following:
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The Thousandfold Thought, R Scott Bakker
The Gormenghast Novels, Mervyn Peake
The Little Endless Storybook, Jill Thompson
Then of course yesterday there was the Times Bookstore Warehouse Sale, and that triggered another round of indiscriminate and irresponsible spending.
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PHP 5 Objects, Patterns and Practice, Matt Zandstra
Active Directory for Dummies (the wife is tackling Active Directory at work, so a good find, this one)
Misspent Youth, Peter F Hamilton
DNS & BIND Cookbook (the wife is getting more technical than me! I couldn’t care less about DNS or BIND)
Finance for non-financial Managers
A Collection of Beauties At the Height of Their Popularity, Whitney Otto
Orlando, Woolf
Lud-in-the-Mist, Hope Mirrless
Cosmopolis, Don DeLillo
Oracle Night, Paul Auster
First sounds (for my little one)
FARM (for my little one)
Out of pure coincidence, the dedication page for Don DeLillo’s Cosmopolis was made out to… Paul Auster.
I will talk more about the books a little later.


  1. Oracle Night is great!
    (came here upon your ma’s recommendation)

  2. Hello there Chet… thanks for dropping by. I’ve had lots of good things said about Oracle Night (and Auster in general), so I’m looking forward to it. Some of my book acquaintances are just over the moon with this guy, and I’ve just got to see what the fuss is about.

  3. Well, I’ve only read Oracle Night so far. Auster’s book titles are very interesting, and I was intrigued by Brooklyn Follies but wanted to start with something older. So I looked around one of the blurbs on the back cover of Oracle Night said “If you have never read Auster before … this is the place to start.”
    Not sure if his other books are just as good, or if after reading a few, they end up being more of the same.

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