I don’t know about you, but there was a point in my life when I was advised about Proctor and Gamble and how they had the temerity to go on air to announce to the world that yes, part of their profits go in support to the church of Satan.
It didn’t matter if you were a christian or not. It was a matter of principle. Satan=bad. Support Satan=bad. So there were many who heard the news suddenly had doubts about their grocery shopping list. Pringles seemed (literally) sinful.
I have to say that throughout the years of my life since that piece of ‘revelation’ (geddit? Revelation? Har har har!) traveled with me, but didn’t stop me from buying their shampoos or chips (stop eating Pringles? That would kill me!)
More than a decade later, I come across this bit of news, where a judge found that P&G are indeed not in a member of the league of the cloven-hooved one.
The P&G thing was like a unresolved strand of information in my mind. Dangling awkwardly out of place in the organized bits of ‘stuff’. Are they or aren’t they, well, so arrogant?
So this one is now filed under ‘Resolved, now forget about it’.