My latest book haul

Well, here’s another update of my most recent book haul.
Last weekend, I bought the following:
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The Thousandfold Thought, R Scott Bakker
The Gormenghast Novels, Mervyn Peake
The Little Endless Storybook, Jill Thompson
Then of course yesterday there was the Times Bookstore Warehouse Sale, and that triggered another round of indiscriminate and irresponsible spending.
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PHP 5 Objects, Patterns and Practice, Matt Zandstra
Active Directory for Dummies (the wife is tackling Active Directory at work, so a good find, this one)
Misspent Youth, Peter F Hamilton
DNS & BIND Cookbook (the wife is getting more technical than me! I couldn’t care less about DNS or BIND)
Finance for non-financial Managers
A Collection of Beauties At the Height of Their Popularity, Whitney Otto
Orlando, Woolf
Lud-in-the-Mist, Hope Mirrless
Cosmopolis, Don DeLillo
Oracle Night, Paul Auster
First sounds (for my little one)
FARM (for my little one)
Out of pure coincidence, the dedication page for Don DeLillo’s Cosmopolis was made out to… Paul Auster.
I will talk more about the books a little later.

Closure! P&G *not* satanic!

I don’t know about you, but there was a point in my life when I was advised about Proctor and Gamble and how they had the temerity to go on air to announce to the world that yes, part of their profits go in support to the church of Satan.
It didn’t matter if you were a christian or not. It was a matter of principle. Satan=bad. Support Satan=bad. So there were many who heard the news suddenly had doubts about their grocery shopping list. Pringles seemed (literally) sinful.
I have to say that throughout the years of my life since that piece of ‘revelation’ (geddit? Revelation? Har har har!) traveled with me, but didn’t stop me from buying their shampoos or chips (stop eating Pringles? That would kill me!)
More than a decade later, I come across this bit of news, where a judge found that P&G are indeed not in a member of the league of the cloven-hooved one.
The P&G thing was like a unresolved strand of information in my mind. Dangling awkwardly out of place in the organized bits of ‘stuff’. Are they or aren’t they, well, so arrogant?
So this one is now filed under ‘Resolved, now forget about it’.

Oh woe! So many books, no bloody time!

Just a short note to of anguish. I’m looking at my library and realized that I have a ton of books that are all so interesting and screaming to be read. However, deep within myself I know I can’t possibly finish reading them all anytime soon.
This isn’t so bad if I knew I’ll get to them sooner or later. However, I know I’m devoting all my free time to a personal project, and that means I’m reluctant to get sucked into a book right now. So it’s later.
But the books on offer! So tempting…
The Once and Future King. The God of Small Things. Pompeii. State of Fear. The Relic. Never Let Me Go. The Little Friend. Deadhouse Gates. City of Saints and Madmen. The Catcher in the Rye. Watership Down. A Clockwork Orange. The Midwich Cuckoos. Moving Pictures. Stardust. Fight Club. Mrs Dalloway. Smiley’s People. Cetaganda. Ghostwritten. Lord of Light. The War Against Cliche. My Life. A Short History of Nearly Everything. The Wizard Knight. The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay. The Liar. Light. Angela’s Ashes.
How the hell does one choose?

Recent Book Purchases

It’s been a while since I updated the books that I have bought. And I have bought a few since the last time I updated. In fact, I think I’ll probably have missed out a couple in today’s roundup.
Yes, I’m doing a roundup of recently purchased book again.
Here we go:
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Ring, Koji Suzuki
Shriek: An Afterword, Jeff Vandermeer
Mrs Dalloway, Virginia Woolf
The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay, Michael Chabon
Banewreaker, Jacqueline Carey
Godslayer, Jacqueline Carey
I think I will talk a little above every one of the books above.
Maybe not.
Well, not now.