Netvibes vs Google Personalized Page: Verdict

I know this isn’t a non-tech piece, but hey, I’ve reached a conclusion! Reaching a conclusion of any kind is a monumental achievement for me, so much celebration should ensue.
Anyway, after much consideration, and many hours of relying on both Google Personalized Page and Netvibes, I’ve managed to make my decision. And an easy decision it was too.
First off, let’s look at Google’s page. Simple interface, which is a plus for any system or application. But there is a fine line between simplicity and lack of functionality, and this is where Google fails. Here’s the comparison:

  • Netvibes has the ability to create as many pages (or tabs) as you wish). Google caps it at 6 tabs.
  • Ability to add any RSS feeds to any page in Netvibes. Google only allows you to add ‘stuff’ (which may be feeds from other sites), and if your favourite site doesn’t have a Google ‘stuff’ for the feeds, you’re out of luck. (hey, they call it stuff, so don’t look at me)
  • A preview page when a feed item is clicked, which details the posted data, plus a list of all the posts in a particular feed. Clicking on a link item in Google directly brings you to the external site where the data is. After using it for a bit, I much prefer the preview page in Netvibes. I like being able to control when I go external, and when I don’t I can still check out the content without leaving Netvibes.
  • Netvibes looks so much slicker.
  • Google does appear to be slightly faster.

Winner (by a mile): Netvibes.


  1. The IG Site suffers from the ability to get partners to sign up. But i understand efforts are made to make this localized, on this Google would have an advantage. Netvibes as it stands seems to be sleeping with everyone and wants to be the ulimate directory site to collate content. At the end of the day, there’s only so much you can read on one site. I am not sure if there’s a winner or loser here. But great posting.

  2. Google has the ability to add any URL, even if the site doesn’t have a ‘stuff’.
    Go to Add Stuff then click add by URL next to the search content button.
    It also now has the content preview feature, just click the plus next to each entry.

  3. Hey guys, thanks for your comments.
    ShaolinTiger, I stand corrected. Google does indeed allow custom RSS URLs. I missed that – could be that my eyes are small, or could be that Google has some useability issue going on there (that’s me – I blame). Thanks for the correction.
    However, I do know about the plus sign next to the entry. I didn’t think it was very intuitive. Netvibes displays an entire page of posts from a feed in a window, so you can check out contents from other posts directly from that window.
    tzooming, you know, on a deep level, I agree with you on the fact that there’s only so much you can read. I’m not sure myself if loading Netvibes with tabs up to my nose would be a good idea. But I do like that the choice is available to me, and leaves the control to be instead of an arbitrary limit set for me.
    Thanks again for your comments, guys!

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