In George RR Martin’s latest post, he talks about the sorts of licensing deals he’s putting together with different companies, and is honourably trying to ensure that his fans gets the best they could possible get by being involved in the production process to ensure their quality.
All good. However, I can’t help but feel a little dismayed at the way things are going.
I’ve talked about this scenario once before – about GRRM being involved in so many things that it detracts from his primary job role – which is to complete the Song of Ice and Fire.
Again, I do not think it’s a bad thing that he has so many other interests outside of writing the series. The man needs his distractions – he’s not a machine. But understanding the reasons doesn’t mean I have to like it.
The point of the matter is he has mentioned that because the original Feast for Crows he had intended in his mind would be ‘too big’, he chopped it up, served up the first half, while being quite happy that the other half is more than a good bit completed as The Dance with Dragons. But from the way things are going – the Wild Cards anthology, the licensing agreements, the TV series, the stuff that he’s dying to tell us but can’t, etc, etc – all point to the fact that he probably isn’t focusing on advancing the story at present.
I’d not be half-assed if the bloody series wasn’t so good, but it is, and it would be a shame if it degenerated in quality as the author seemingly being more concerned about the quality of his spinoff merchandise than on finishing the book itself. These series of events, of course, are no indication that it will go downhill, but they do point to the obvious – A Dance with Dragons will probably not come out end of this year, as he had mentioned.
Robert Jordan was able to mess up a completely promising series all on his own, and the only spinoffs he had were “The World of” book and the game using the Unreal engine many years back.
GRRM, your loyal fans are anxiously, patiently waiting, and hoping harder and longer than it takes for sand to form into natural diamonds that you don’t screw it up. There is something called momentum – all the TV series and figurines in the world wouldn’t cut it if the series fade from people’s minds because it took too long to complete.