I just finished Ysabel by Guy Gavriel Kay. Forced to read despite by hellish schedule because the weekend maid forced me out of my office at home with a vacuum cleaner. Ended up getting sucked in (sorry!) the book so hard – frenzied reading in 2 days.
Very different book from GGK this time around – not as deep as a regular historical fantasy that he usually writes, but offers a simple plot and an engaging story. GGK’s trademark thoughtful and evocative ending is back after he decided to let it take a vacation in The Last Light of the Sun.
Readers of GGK will be rewarded with something that will make their eyes widen with surprise at some stage in the book (it depends on whether you cheated or how diehard you are).
Overall, I enjoyed this book quite a bit – he took it in a different direction from The Last Light of the Sun, but I definitely prefer the Ysabel direction better then the Last Light direction. Lions still tops! 🙂
I will expand on this, and give my thoughts on The Last Light of the Sun as well, since I completed it early this year myself, and hadn’t yet a chance to write down my thoughts.