Where does the time go, really?

Yeah. Answer me that. Where does all the time go?
Okay, here’s a little spaced out post. I find that the time just zips by like a bullet train. I cannot seem to think of a proper post to put here when suddenly a whole week has passed since my last post.
I will try and keep a closer schedule, but apparently my ideas are travelling faster than my will to type it down. Even my obsessive book purchases have not been up for a while, and I have bought at least 3 rounds of books that hasn’t been updated here.
Btw, I’m claiming this blog for Bloglines.

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  1. Time as you experience it is an illusion caused by our own physical senses and so it seems to us that one moment exists and is gone forever. Albert Einstein had also stated: “For those of us who believe in physics this separation between past, present and future is only an illusion, although a convincing one”
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