I was about to hit the sack when I came across this article: Mono brings Visual Basic programs to Linux. Although it doesn’t explicitly say which version of VB, it does seem to cover only the .NET version of VB (considering what Mono does, this is very logical).
I mean, when you say VB, there are after all two ‘versions’ , if you will, of VB, and that’s VB6 and VB.NET. Both of these languages, despite their similarities in name, are so different from each other that only the colossally stubborn would insist that they resemble anything like each other. The article could do better in being more explicit.
Anyway, [stiffles yawn], so now I can write VB.NET applications running on Mono. Is it a good idea? It simply means if I’ve existing skills in VB.NET, I could leverage that on a platform I don’t understand. However, since you’re coding in VB, it’s a high probability that you’re going to go through a learning curve getting around in the Linux environment anyway. If you’re going to learn, why not learn a new language and code for Linux the ‘proper’ way? At the very least take this opportunity to use Mono to learn up C#, if you haven’t already in the Windows world!