When I use the internet, I just launch by browser and off I go to all the sites I need to go on a daily basis. Pretty much automatic. However, recently I laid eyes on Netvibes, and boy was a blown away. Sure it isn’t new, but I’ve not been tempted before to click on a Netvibes RSS button that I keep seeing on a lot of blogs everywhere.
But yesterday I did, and I was stunned by the work and the artistry of the site. It was intuitive, quick, and bloody powerful. Before this I fire up Bloglines for a list of my feeds, but Netvibes is able to put everything on a page for me, and allows me full control over the sort of modules and items I want displayed on my page. And there are also tabs to keep me from being overwhelm, which is useful, since anything longer than 5 sentences overwhelm me easily.
I’m more than impressed also by the look and feel of the site. It doesn’t look shabby, oh no.
So then I immediately turned to Google’s Personalized Page. I’ve known about this page since it was launched (the joy of subscribing to the Google Blog), and to be honest, I wasn’t very impressed. At that time, I wasn’t so much into RSS, so I saw no value in it – I had no problems continuing to getting my news from Google News and my email in a separate pane.
Upon closer look this time around, with Netvibes as a yardstick, It does almost the same thing as Netvibes does, but looks wise it pales in comparison. But I’ve not been been known to only care about looks, so I resolve to dig a little deeper into Google’s page, to see if there’s anything I missed the first time.
One thing I’ll be looking out for in particular would be performance – and this I can only determine after a few days worth of testing.
At present, although interface-wise the functionalities are similar (both drag and drop rearrangements and plenty of modules for each), it remains to be seen which one will eventually win my loyalty.
But hot damn Netvibes is pretty. 🙂