I’m oh so pissed.
I waited damn long for the SQL Server Compact Edition to come out of beta so that I can use it in my application. We’re talking bated breath here, the daily website status check.
I just found that it cannot support byte datatype length beyond 510 bytes! This sucks, of course, as I can’t use it to store the images the application that I’m currently writing depends on!
And I spent hours today porting the database from Access to SQLCE, only to hit this problem.
I’m more than a little angry – time is money, and as it is time is already a premium. This is counterproductive, and I wished this sort of crap wouldn’t always happen when I’m in crunch mode.
I’m not unfamiliar with this sort of tech curve balls, but it’d be nice once in a while to just work with new technology that ‘just works’.
If this was for work, I’d be less angry, but this is for my personal project, which is already behind schedule as it is (and getting later as I write this rant).