Cristiano Ronaldo Exit – Is there any doubt?

The fellow is in the best form of his career at present. When he gets the ball, everyone doesn’t really know what he’s going to do, that that’s the epitome of a great dribbler, which, undisputedly, he is. Anyone who doubts what a great player he is is simply deluding himself.
Which is why I say that Cristiano Ronaldo will indeed move on this summer, when the transfer window opens. Whether Fergie wants to or not, this chap will want to leave, and the members of the board, acutely aware of the debts the club has amassed during the takeover by the Glazers, will not turn down a generous offer. I mean, come on… it makes perfect business sense. When you buy someone for less than 20 million, and you can sell him off at 45?
I’m not huge fan of his acting talents, that’s true. Sometimes I wished he’d stay on his feet and tussle with the best of them. But he is what he is. And he is a joy to watch. Something about him when the ball is at his feet keeps me mesmerized.
It’s like watching Ronaldo (the fat one) while he was at Barcelona, and his early days in Inter. He was simply superb. You get a sense that you’d lose the showcase of skills sooner or later, but boy when it was displayed did it rock. It’s the same sense I’m getting with Cristiano now.
Oh well, I’m resigned to losing him to whichever club he wants to go. I preparing right now that my MU matches next season will be decidedly less exciting, and to enjoy his performances while I can.


  1. it would be a great loss if MU sells c.ronaldo altho i agree to your argument that the glazers are businessmen which do not shirk on a good deal.
    heck, i’d sell c.ronaldo in football manager (successor to CM) if i’m offered 45 mil.
    if he does go, united will really have to find a terribly good and young winger, not only to replace c.ronaldo but also the ageing but forever hardworking r.giggs.
    but deep down inside, i hope and i hope, that mr. malcolm would’t sell c.ronaldo. i personally believe that his presence would bring in more trophies and profit than the uncertainty promised by bringing in another player to replace him.
    glory glory man united!

  2. Well, I don’t think anyone in the club wants the chap to leave. It’ll be completely up to him, and because he’s young, he’s brash, he knows what he can do and he knows he can go anywhere, he will. If he wants to go but the club is stubbornly holding on to his, he may sulk and pull a Lee Chun-soo (see
    If I were in his shoes I’d go to Barcelona and rub shoulders with Ronaldinho in a second. (Wait… I mean wherever Ronaldinho will be going in the summer… 🙂 )

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