TIME has compiled a list of Top Tens in various categories, appropriately named TIME 25 Top Ten 2006. They have categories such as books, comics, songs, albums, TV shows, podcasts and others (there are 25 of these Top Ten).
What do I think of this book list? I’m a booklover, but I don’t have a pulse in the happenings in the publishing circle for ‘critically acclaimed’ contemporary fiction. However, one of my favs, David Mitchell, is listed for his latest. The list also made me think about how books can be listed as serious fiction when the publisher doesn’t classify it as such, although strictly speaking the nature of the story can actually be considered science fiction.
I think I have to vent on this genre-based bias one of these days.
Other lists such as songs cover people I’ve never heard of. Great place to start searching for new stuff. Arctic Monkeys I’ve heard a lot of, but never got the chance to lay my hands on their albums. Mental note to self on that.