Hello hello and welcome to the New Year. It hasn’t so far started with a bang, so what else can you do but welcome it with book purchases? Yes, the psychotic book buyer has struck again.
Here then, is my haul yesterday.

The Wizard, Gene Wolfe
City of Saints and Madmen, Jeff Vandermeer
Gifts, Ursula Le Guin
Fables: Arabian Nights (and Days) – Volume 7, Bill Willingham, Mark Buckingham
Sweet sweet stuff, especially The Wizard. I’ve waited damn long for this one to come out in paperback – I’ve had The Knight for ages, and didn’t start on it because of this missing half.
The completist that I am, I will also show you two other books I bought new year end 2006, in the damn warehouse booksale that somehow pulled me back for the third time.

Death of an Ordinary Man, Glen Duncan
Freaky Green Eyes, Joyce Carol Oates