Nothing thoughtful, just something I wanted to get out of my chest. Heinze is reportedly considered to be offloaded either during the transfer window or the end of the season. He, to his credit, has stated that he wants to fight for his place.
As far as I’m concerned, he doesn’t need to justify his place in the squad – he’s a terrific player. Evra is getting better, and he’s getting a run because Heinze was out for a while, not because he’s miles better.
I’m feeling the same way I felt when van Nistelrooy was sold – I’m inclined to believe that Fergie is simply rotating his squad and giving Evra a run out than really having any real problems with Heinze. However, if Heinze really leaves, I’ll be unhappy. Very unhappy. So unhappy I may burn all my Man Utd shirts and toss my TV in the bin. I’d even give it a kick or two for good measure.