Variety has reported that HBO has bought the rights to make George RR Martin‘s A Song of Ice and Fire into a TV series, with each book set to be used as fodder for season.
ASOIAF is my ultimate fantasy work – the best fantasy series I’ve read, period. And guess what – a legion of fantasy fans feel the same way. This is sacred stuff, this. If they mess this up like SciFi Channel’s treatment of my beloved Earthsea, I will, well, be unhappy.
My immediate thoughts are:
1. Stop bothering GRRM already! He’s bloody late with the next book as it is.
2. The series is good, of course, considering the source material. But there is always this fear that it will fall short of the books. I’m pretty damn sure it will. I hope I’m wrong, of course, but then I’m so seldom wrong. That’s why I have a blog.
Actually, I’m not a heartless rabid fan. I won’t begrudge him his hobbies and other work, you know, the comics tie-in, Wild Cards anthologies, his NFL fixation. No problems. He is still human, and he needs his distractions to fuel his imagination.
But as a rabid fan nonetheless, I sometimes do wish he’d just get on with it.