In a frenzied 2 day book marathon, the most book-reading I’ve done in a two day period in recent memory, is about the lives of the founders of my most admired software games development company out there, id Software.
The book Masters of Doom follows the lives of the two main founders of id, leading up to their development of arguably the best game ever, DOOM, and the events that followed after that.

It was a utterly interesting read – I read about what the development of some of my favourite games was like, the infighting that occurred, the motivation and what drove them both apart. I was very much a part of the scene as it unfolded in an online internet drama – I followed the happenings myself in the events that was described in the second half of the book, so it was interesting to supplement my understanding of the situation with the documented events in the book.
id remains the most impressive games development company for me, and John Carmack remains my most admired technologist. Reading this book made me relate to them all the more, because although I don’t drive a Ferrari, write shareware, have pretty chicks around me or have long hair, we share something in common and that’s a love of games and the feeling of excitement in that early part of growing up. Carmack’s ability to push the technical envelope, his pioneering ways and his bullish attitude is admirable, and inspiring.