One of my favourite authors, Neil Gaiman is up on CrankyGgeeks. Neil talks about the usual things, but there were two things that fascinated me:
1. How Neil said that he thinks having books online while concurrently selling it in bookstores are okay, and his response when Farmer asked him why he doesn’t do it himself. I think I could have answered that one, but then I’m not Neil, and obviously I’ve less of a risk of shooting myself in the foot and pissing of millions of fans around the world.
2. That CrankyGeeks is a weak IP show. It’s really more of the same from the TWiT family of personalities. It’s nepotism. They are flooding the internet with the same content from the same points of view, but via different channels. It’s an entirely new topic in itself, one that I will talk about soon.
Damn, that reminds me… I need to talk about Sally Yeh.