There are a couple of things in my head that is just bubbling under the surface of my brain – just wanting to burst out splattering my work desk, monitor, keyboard, stationery with sticky gooey brain juice.
I’ve been writing up on some articles that I wanted to publish, and it’s currently stored in a Thought in my otak. I’ve not time to finish them up at present because I’m torn between visiting and participating in BAR, spending time with my wife, writing on my blog and finishing up my latest little side project (I can’t tell you as yet). I’m favouring the latter at present, because it will eventually help me earn some (semi)passive income, and therefore gets the bulk of my attention.
But there are some compelling stuff that I wanted to explore, plus some general thoughts about weak teammates, jealous teammates, difficult customers, the importance of well-honed people skills in dealing with everyday situations.
Damn, that did sound like weaseling oneself out of a tight spot, doesn’t it?
The impending arrival of Vista, and why it doesn’t bother the Linux crowd (now this is something that’s incredibly interesting).
I’ve mentioned to friends and family, online and offline, about what makes a good blog. I think I know, but that doesn’t mean that I have executed the formula as well as I would have liked for rambleville. And there are various reasons for that (I wouldn’t get into that), but I think there is a unifying focus in my articles now. A theme.
Just like Dilbert didn’t start out as a satire on tech-vs-business corporate culture right off the bat, rambleville evolves as it finds it’s voice. One thing I have done from the beginning is a conscious decision not to make this into an online diary – reporting on my daily activities. rambleville is not a reflection of my life as I live it, but more of a reflection of my life as I think it, as I’m living it. That is to say, what I think about things as I encounter them in my daily life, whether at work, leisure, pleasure or thoughts.
So. I’ve inadvertently spent more time than I had wanted to on this entry, and I must be back to work. PoP is patiently waiting for me, and is anxiously eager to meet the world.