Having missed the recent Pay Less Books sale, I was dishearted. My walk was dispirited, my smile felt like a contortion of muscles on my face, devoid of any feelings or pleasure. Many a friend expressed concern over my obvious lack of energy.
But joy! Times Bookshop ran it’s warehouse sale, and I was ready to go. The obvious strain on my wallet is forgotten, I was ready to get some serious books. Here’s what I got:
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The place had a lot of books I wanted to get, but there were simply too many, and I had to sacrifice a few that I had already added to my bag, namely:
Anansi Boys, Neil Gaiman
Wild Swans, Jung Chang
Saving a Fish from Drowning (something like that), Amy Tan
A Song for Susannah, Stephen King
A Well of Lost Plots, Jasper Fforde (I had inadvertently lost this – I wanted to get this one)
The Rice Mother, Rani Manicka (written by Malaysian living in UK, based on recommendation from Abecedarian, dear forum mate)
The Harmony Silk Factory, Tash Aw (written by Malaysian living in UK, based on personal personal curiousity)
The Dain Curse, Dashiel Hammett (I put this away, but I went back looking for it. Couldn’t find it. Darn!)
The Historian, Elizabeth Kostova.
Imagine if I had bought all of *that*. Shudder.
The trip was also filled with frustrations – mainly the sale of books at rock bottom prices that I bought for the full price *recently*, most notably David Michell’s number9dream (which was RM8! Arrrrrrggggh! I paid RM36 about 1 month ago!)
But I am very happy, especially at the wonderful capture of M John Harrison’s Light, which at every bookstore I found was priced at RM60+, which is exorbitant to say the least. I paid RM8)