Lovely Chess Ladies (re-read that and make sure you got it right)

Sometime ago I actually wrote a piece about lovely chess players who added a touch of glamour to the game, but then the damn thing got buried under the sea of unwritten materials lying around in my brain.
Then something like this comes along and revives my interest in it. The story’s about a British Grandmaster who punched the World No 3 Men’s chess player for dancing with Australia’s No 3 woman chess player. Yeah. When you read someone’s just walloped somebody else over a chess player, you know you wanna check it out.
I’ll spend some time to really write about this, but a quick background – many a moon ago, I was in a chess reacquaintance phase, I actually came across the lovely Alexandra Kosteniuk, the Women’s Chess World No 3. I thought it interesting that it never occurred to me before that beauty and brains (well, chess anyway. I know a lot of idiots who plays good chess) can combine, and in Alexandra, combined well.
I hope Alexandra doesn’t whack me for this, but seeing that there really are only 2 people who read this blog (yes, mom, you too), I think the Russion beauty wouldn’t mind me posting by far my most favouritest picture of her.


  1. Once I played chess with the hot woman grandmaster Eva Repkova over the internet. She advised me to “guard my pieces.”

  2. Of course, my first reaction would be to ask: how do you know she’s who she says she is?
    Assuming you know for a fact, then you’re a lucky devil. I only get guys telling me how happy they are getting at my pieces.

  3. We played on ICC chess, where grandmasters are identified by that “GM” next to their nick. So I assume they need to get registered or verified or something.
    After a long review, I conclude that Repkova is hotter than Kosteniuk.

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