Idle (incoherent) musings

It’s amazing. Just when you think you’ve come up with a brilliant idea, there are already a lot of people who’ve thought about, mulled, analyzed, regurgitated, and re-digested again the very idea that you thought was pretty damn bleeding edge.
No. I resent that. I will come up with something that nobody has thought of before. Yes, even though recorded history has gone on long enough to pretty much rule out anything that I may think of, but there must be that obscure idea that nobody even realize could exist.
Without resorting to asinine ideas, I must add.
Why, you ask? I want to do something. I want to contribute to people in some way that’s tangible. Not philanthropy, well not *just* philanthropy. I want to generate useful things for other people, and not just belong to a society that consumes content, spewing them forth with the mistaken assumption that it’s an original idea, without giving something back. I want to create content, not just consume it. Oh, and try to make some money while I’m at it too.
In this day and age, I notice the vast majority of the people just consume content, and consume some more. They read syndicated news, see feeds from global media conglomerates, use software from select number of companies that increasingly gaining control of our lives as our virtual world becomes more real everyday. The Internet is ubiquitous. I want to jump on the bandwagon.
And no, rambleville is not my contribution to society.
Somewhere I read, “leave the world a better place than it was when you came into it.” Somehow that stuck to me. I don’t think of doing something grand that will make me appear in Encyclopedia Brittannica. Something simple, and yet not simple, if that makes sense (don’t answer).


  1. “Something simple, and yet not simple, if that makes sense (don’t answer).”
    Yes, it makes perfect sense — like the invention of those things on the end of shoelace tips (called aglets) so they don’t fray. Did you know someone has now invented re-plasticker thingies for when the original aglets break?
    Except I’ll be expecting something more than shoelace tips from you, donny. 🙂

  2. ‘You make a little pond, and a fish jumps up and through the pond…’ Oops, that sounds like the formula for a boys scouts knot, not for tying shoelaces… You’re right Ell, I suck at shoelace tips. 🙂
    What I want to know is is the inventor of aglets rich beyond belief? Hmm…

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