Core 2 Octo

This is exciting times for the computing world. Apparently Intel is harbouring some exciting tech developments for a while, and now in a span of a less than a year, unleashed the Core chips, Core 2 and Core 2 Duo chips and soon, the Core 2 Quad.
I brushed up on the tech specs of these little babies, and most importantly, a jaunt to check out the latest going price for the top of the line Core 2 Extreme (65nm, 2.9Ghz, 2 MB Shared cache, and apparently as silent as a mosquito sneeze). It’s RM3000+. For a processor. Sigh.
Anyway, the point of this post is this: the sexy names Intel is coming up with for the multicore chips. Apparently it as to be technically correct, but not a term that is too technically accurate to put off the masses. Lowest common denominator crap, geddit?
With Intel going Solo for single-core, Duo for dual-core, Quad for quad-core, I’m going to take the leap and guess Intel’s gonna call the 8-core processor the Core 2 Octo. Octal is just too long – sounds silly too. 16-core processor? Easy. Core 2 Hex. I won’t bet against some politically correct groups going up in arms over that one. “I won’t use a machine that implies it’s powered by otherworldly forces! No Sir!”
Do you think they’ll pay me money since I went online with the names first?

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