I can’t freaking believe Supernova just sent Dana home! I’m all for the reality TV factor where you keep the obviously weird people on and send some of the more talented people home, but Dana???
I just want to say she is seriously talented, and if she ever goes to American Idol she would win it hands down, especially if she does a rock chick like she does in this show. But I think she has more street cred than to join a show like that.
Okay, let’s be frank and clear minded here. She’s *never* going to win the gig. But sending her home so early means I get to see less of her, and Supernova is less of a show because of that.
Just how I feel.
Whatever she does after the show, she’s gonna do it well. Dana, if you read this (hey, this is the Internet, in the century of limitless possibilities, don’t think it’s impossible for her to find this), all the best!
Okay, *now* I feel weird.