Okay, it’s good to know that Microsoft has committed to VB6 support in Vista. It’s a good thing… Microsoft simply wants old VB6 programs to run out their lifespan so that companies can start to develop in .NET.
Architecturally, VB.NET and VB6 are so different that they really are separate products, rather than a natural progression from old version of a language to the next version.
There has been talk in the VB community (don’t ask me for sources – I can’t remember where I read about that. Plus I’m writing about it so it must be true) that Microsoft should have spun off the VB6 developmental tree so that it will still be developed, or at least sell the VB6 technology to another company who will continue to develop it.
But alas, this is not the be, the juggernaut that is Microsoft is trudging along with .NET with the VB6 community dragged kicking and screaming behind it.
Not necessarily a bad thing, but a poster example of our line of work – evolve or die.