SQL Server 2005 Express is free, but it isn’t small. Some would argue that 35MB *is* small, but I’d clout them behind their heads and clip their ears. That size is the worst size – it’s not *that* huge to make the power downloader cry, but it isn’t small enough for casual downloaders. Plus fitting that on a CD is just a waste of CD space – especially if the application that you’re shipping with it is only 4MB.
But really, the real problem I have with it is it’s inability to import and export data. That seriously limits the work I want to do with SS2005E.
Yeah, I can think of ways to work around it, but why the hassle for something that’s supposed to be easy in the first place?
Not giving up on it first, though… lemme play with it a little more. Firebird has to wait a little longer – let’s face it, SQL Server learning curve = almost non-existent. Firebird learning curve – a mile-long trudge up a small hill.
Sigh, I’ve also got to work on making catchier blog entry titles.