As far as I can tell (or read), Paypal requires Malaysian sellers to have a US bank account for me to writhdraw my funds. They apparently don’t do cheques, so I’d have to::
1. Have someone in US to receive the money for me, then have him/her send it over.
2. Fly over to US, convince them that I’m eligible to have a US bank account, then fly back (since of course I’m not a resident)
3. Find a job there, settle down, move my family over, open a US bank account (this way, of course, is a better way than option 2), say adieu to new co-workers, fly back.
4. Do the above, except I stay and work in US (that sounds easier, actually).
Why don’t they do cheques? Their rates are better than other payment processing sites I’m aware of. However, at least they send the cheque over.
Decisions, decision.