My Perfect Library

Ahhh…. I’ve dreamed since I was younger that I’d have a library I’d be proud of. Not that I want tons of books with huge shelves, but something that’s homely, comfortable, contains a good selection of books that I enjoy reading.
I’m not there yet.
However, since moving into my new house, I did get to build a library that I am proud of, it’s just that it’s not perfect just yet.
Here are some shots of my favourite spot in the house (next to the bedroom, of course).
Here’s the side view:
Image Hosted by
And here’s another view:
Image Hosted by


  1. Looks comfortable.

  2. Aaaaarrrrghhh!!! The pictures came out wrong, I’m not nearly done posting all the pictures, and as a result of my editing has received multiple pings from me! This has *not* been good.
    I’ve got to resize the damn pix, and put up pix of my shelves too.
    But thanks gembase! Are you a reader too?

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