Great Resource for Fantasy Readers

Thanks to TBF, I’ve got a good list of fantasy works right here, listed by Jeff VanderMeer, an author of some renown in the fantasy fiction realm. In fact, in some quarters, he’s lauded as one of the most refreshing voices in contemporary speculative fiction.
I’ve gotten quite jaded from normal fantasy. It takes a helluva lot these days to make me happy, and none of the recent books I’ve read in fantasy seem to fit the bill. Even Fionavar Tapestry from Guy Gavriel Kay, which falls into the category of recently-read, seemed tepid compared to his other works for me.
Even my current read, Celtika by Robert Holdstock, did not turn out to be what I expected, and honestly, I did expect a lot from Holdstock. But somehow his prose and story flow does not seem to flow smoothly enough for me, and frankly, I couldn’t care less about any of characters in the story, least of all Jason.


  1. donny,
    This has nothing to do with Fantasy, but wanted to tell you I really like the new look of Rambleville! (Been away for over a month and can’t quite get over all the changes – TBF, MoshPit, Hell Hole, …).
    – – Somewhat related – have you thought of trying something along the lines of Cryptonomicon by Neal Stephenson? I’ve a feeling you might like it.

  2. Ell!!! There you are! You’ve also not been updating your blog, huh? You’ve been very bad (or lazy). 😀 😀
    Thanks for the kind words. I’m not nearly done with it yet – I want to add more links on my blogroll, a currently reading and currently listening section.
    I’ve Cryptonomicon sitting in my (admittedly pretty huge) TBR pile. I’m updating my lib pix and you might spot it there. 🙂

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