I don’t know if I wished this would happen, but I certainly didn’t feel too surprised when Nadal beat Federer –
again. This time marks the third time Nadal whacks the No 1 in a final, and what a game it must have been. I didn’t watch it, but I sure wished I did.
You see, I love Federer’s game. He is mentally strong, and his game is almost flawless. Even when he’s hanging by the skin of his teeth, he can claw his way back and win the match. I’ve seen it happen a couple of times already. The other times he just won outright.
Until this Nadal chap. He is the antithesis of a good tennis player for me: total power. Sure he wins matches, but it’s a damn boring way to win. That’s why Federer always gets my view time, while Nadal doesn’t.
So anyway, I wanted to say that it’s great the Federer’s been beat, because despite all his talent, he is getting too arrogant for his own good. Amazingly, if you read the post match interview, he didn’t exactly give credit to Nadal for winning, rather his disappointment at losing to himself. Ah, well, actually that’s not too bad. But I’d rather see him humbled a couple of more times to that he’s a little more down to earth.