Unfortunately, my greatest fear has come true. Malaysia, yet again, has lost in the semis of the Thomas Cup. I wrote a similar rant exactly two years ago when our team lost then (which was unpublished, so you wouldn’t find the colourful language I used then).
As it were, it did come down to the final match between the 3rd singles. Kuan Beng Hong has been put into the limelight, but failed to take control of this opportunity. And, as I expected, he lost. No only did he lose, he lost to a *lower-ranked* player. I’ve never even heard of his opponent, Joachim Persson. It’s also not because of experience, because Beng Hong is 23 while his opponent is 22.
This is a perfect example of the lack of dependability of our players. It simply does not matter who they play against in a crunch tie – whether it’s against a player who’s ranked lower, or against someone who’s playing with a blindfold. We – expect – to – lose! Mentally, when it comes down the wire, we’re just crap.
Our points came from the most unexpected of sources – our doubles. Our doubles were not expected to win against the Danish doubles – they are more experienced. However, they produced the results we needed to push the tie to the deciding 3rd singles after our 2 singles lost. Lee Chong Wei, of all people, lost in straight games. This I had expected him to win.
Damn. I’m starting to ramble. I’m sitting on the floor with the laptop on the floor as I type this. I’ll gather my thoughts, scream a wordless cry of anguish in the shower, and begin to think happy thoughts.
Like work.