My Perfect Library v2

Okay, I screwed up my last post. I’d normally not worry about it, except I also ping a great website called Project Petaling Street, which is a site that collates pings from Malaysian bloggers. It’s a great window from which other Malaysians can view me. In editing my previous post, I sent 4 pings out, and that’s bad.
I guess I shouldn’t really over think it, after all there’s only about 2 people who read this blog, including myself. What can I say, I love the sound of my voice. Uhm, the letters of my voice. Er, the words… ah, screw it!
So here’s the pix of my lovely library again. Click on the thumbnails for a larger picture.
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And this:
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And the following are closeups of my shelves. These are currently on the shelves at the moment:
Left-most bookshelf and corner unit (top view):
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Left-most bookshelf and corner unit (bottom view):
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Bookshelf No. 2 (top view)
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Bookshelf No. 2 (bottom view)
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Bookshelf No. 3 (top view)
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Bookshelf No. 3 (bottom view)
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May I have the money soon to buy a cozy recliner for my library.
The only thing that I wanted for my library that I cannot have no matter what I do at present is a window. It simply isn’t positioned in a place where I can hack in a window. Too bad. I’d have loved listening to the patterings of rain on my windowsill, while I sit next to it, a cup of hot coffee in one hand, a lovely book in the other.

My Perfect Library

Ahhh…. I’ve dreamed since I was younger that I’d have a library I’d be proud of. Not that I want tons of books with huge shelves, but something that’s homely, comfortable, contains a good selection of books that I enjoy reading.
I’m not there yet.
However, since moving into my new house, I did get to build a library that I am proud of, it’s just that it’s not perfect just yet.
Here are some shots of my favourite spot in the house (next to the bedroom, of course).
Here’s the side view:
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And here’s another view:
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Thomas Cup – reprise

I just realized that I didn’t really close out the story. I should have mentioned that China, the near-invincible China, has retained the Thomas Cup by beating Denmark in the Thomas Cup Finals. I saw the third match, which was the second singles, and well, it’s not the typical down-the-wire match that usually happens between Chun Lai and Jonassen, but it was entertaining nonetheless.
It is an expected victory. The Great Wall of China remains unbreached.
I’m excited about the World Championships coming up.

Great Resource for Fantasy Readers

Thanks to TBF, I’ve got a good list of fantasy works right here, listed by Jeff VanderMeer, an author of some renown in the fantasy fiction realm. In fact, in some quarters, he’s lauded as one of the most refreshing voices in contemporary speculative fiction.
I’ve gotten quite jaded from normal fantasy. It takes a helluva lot these days to make me happy, and none of the recent books I’ve read in fantasy seem to fit the bill. Even Fionavar Tapestry from Guy Gavriel Kay, which falls into the category of recently-read, seemed tepid compared to his other works for me.
Even my current read, Celtika by Robert Holdstock, did not turn out to be what I expected, and honestly, I did expect a lot from Holdstock. But somehow his prose and story flow does not seem to flow smoothly enough for me, and frankly, I couldn’t care less about any of characters in the story, least of all Jason.

Who else thinks Formula 1 is a scam?

I don’t know about you, but it seemed to me 2 years ago, after Michael Schumacher kept winning race after race after race, that Formula 1 needed some breath of fresh air.
Once I went on walks in the park and a total stranger on his cellphone said, “What, go to Sepang to watch the race? Why, so that we can see the same bloke win again?” Yes, things in F1 is getting way too predictable.
There were a few things Mr E (too lazy to spell out his full name, and risk getting it wrong) could do to inject some excitement back into Formula 1. Here is a recreation of a checklist that he probably had stapled on his desk at work:
1. Hire more chicks, er, ladies to perform on the tracks as the cars speed by. Hazardous, but what’s entertainment without a little risk?
2. Impose ridiculous rules that restrict engine changes and other technicalities previously allowed in an attempt to level out the playing field (oh, wait, we’ve already done that)
3. Ask everyone to license the Ferarri engines.
4. Tell Schumacher to lay low, swallow his pride for a season or two. For the good of the sport, you understand. So what if you get extend your record for consecutive podium finishes, if nobody turns up to watch you spray champagne? So restrain yourself for a couple of years. Relax. Then turn on the heat again when the prevalent feeling is that there are worthy others aspiring to your throne.
I’m inclined to believe Mr E chose option 4. What else could explain the timely drop in Ferarri’s performance just in time for the new season two years ago? Coincidence? From being totally dominant, and completely out of the competitive picture the next season?
Schumacher says, “Alonso, that upstart, now has two championships!!! It’s time to get mine back!” And promptly wins two races in a row.
I wonder how many think along the same lines?