Did I mention I got Freakonomics? Well I did. I stole a look at a couple of pages and found it utterly fascinating. I don’t want to be too influenced by the book, else my innocuous bus trips here in Singapore grow more mentally complex due to increased sensitivity to notice things everywhere.
For instance – what does Freakonomics, blogging and sleepiness have in common? Hmmm….
One other thing before I forget – who else thinks that in this our society, we’re literally being fed everyday by the media? We’re basically ‘told’ what we should know and learn. Who else finds this disturbing?
Yeah, yeah, I now. It isn’t new. But I was just reflecting today after a swim and thought about it.
I think I’ll post a picture of my view of the swimming pool after my swimming.
Now how the heck did I go from Freakonomics to swimming?