I don’t know how I missed the last match up. I thought I was following the tennis scene close enough…
Ah but anyway, here is the
matchup again: a tantalizing meeting between the current glam queen of tennis (who can actually win tournaments!) and my all time favourite ladies tennis player, Martina Hingis.
Did I mention that I was moved almost to tears on the news that her ankle injury forced Hingis to retire 3 years ago? And did you know that I was moved almost to tears that she has decided to pop back onto the scene?
Hingis is doing well now, but she is not in Mauresmo’s powerplay league, although I do love a tennis match that relies more on brain than brawn. That, I think, is why I really love Hingis so much… she’s not a huge power player, but one who actually plays watchable tennis.
During Hingis’s absence I admit to taking a liking to the Russion beauty, but in this matchup, there is only one person I want to see win. And that’s my cute little sakura, just as I remembered her in 1998 during Wimbledon.