A win? Really?

Yeah, well, colour me unimpressed.
So MU won over Liverpool. I guess I should be happy. Bitter rivals to the very end, but in the end, the silly Anfield boys got what they deserved for trying to mess with the best.
Or did they?
If I’m honest, the game yesterday was really terrible. Even a die-hard fan will worry over the state of things over in Old Trafford. They were swarmed by Liverpool almost from the get go, and looked so damn sloppy. They never looked dangerous, van Nisterooy hardly got a touch, Rooney was clamped down, and guess who’s in midfield? (no, not Alan Smith, thank goodness). Nobody who mattered. And that’s the problem.
MU were lucky to get all three points. They didn’t deserve it.
Liverpool, I hate to admit it, but you were robbed.

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  1. hullo!! i tried to leave a comment earlier on the post about me, *blushing* but am unsure if it worked. and i think i did what you asked on my blog, let me know. talk soon.

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